Tammica Simone, is a professional cosmetologist with 18 years of experience in Beauty, Fashion & Editorial, specializing in natural hair grooming, and hair extensions. Having received her cosmetology license in 1998 she opened her first salon in 2005. In 2008, she decided to further her career in pursuit as a freelance hair and makeup artist. She moved to Miami to work closely with the agency Artists by Timothy Priano and as well as a stylist at Ted Gibson Salon in Ft.Lauderdale, FL. Tammica has also worked with agencies Ken Barboza in Ny and Crews Inc in Atlanta.

Putting her training in effect, from 2008 to present via Runway Shows, Magazines and Special Events that included weddings, movie sets and makeovers, she has the ability to create a diverse range of looks for any project. In 2014 she opened Studio 115 Barber and Salon with a male partner/barber. With her love of always creating a luxury experience for her clients, she created the beauty brand "So First Class" which offers luxe hair extensions and products. Providing beauty and hair care tips for her clients, her philosophy stresses the importance of a holistic lifestyle that emphases that real beauty comes from within.

Unselfish in her business skillfulness, she is passionate about assisting fellow artist and colleagues to achieve their personal and professional goals of becoming successful working artists.


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